Amen Bank

Amen Bank, whose origins date back to 1906, enjoys a special prestige in Tunisia. It became the first, entirely private Tunisian bank after its acquisition by the Ben Yedder family in 1971.

The Amen Bank strategy is structured around three main focus areas:

  • Innovation
  • Consolidation
  • Internationalization

Innovation enabled Amen Bank to offer its clients a wide range of financial tools intended to optimize their investments and reduce their financing costs, in particular through the use of new techniques. Amen Bank is also the first bank in Tunisia to be certified ISO 9002 and to launch Internet banking.

Consolidation was carried out by various capital increases as well as the bank IPO in 1993. The continuous provisioning efforts made enable the bank to comply with international standards such as those from Basel, Switzerland.

Internationalization was achieved through the establishment of a worldwide correspondent’s network and the creation of a trading room considered as the most dynamic in the market. Amen Bank plans to provide a direct presence abroad through the creation of a subsidiary or by the acquisition of an existing bank.

Amen Bank represents 11% of the Tunisian banking market and has a network of over 130 branches and an equivalent ATM capacity (cash dispensers) that are VISA and Master card connected.